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The San Antonio Lighthouse’s mission is to empower the lives of the blind and vision impaired. This is accomplished through employment in manufacturing plant and military stores and rehabilitation programs for all ages and all levels of sight-impairment. These opportunities allow people to live productive lives with dignity by turning dis-ABILITY into ABILITY. The Lighthouse is the community icon for training, educating and employing the blind and visually impaired, in addition to being a leader in manufacturing and sales in support of the military with U.S. made products. The Lighthouse has been operating and supporting the blind in San Antonio since 1933. Last year, the Lighthouse provided more than 23,000 services to roughly 7,000 San Antonians who are blind and severely vision impaired.
Named a Top 50 Non-Profit Nationally, the Lighthouse functions as a “One-Stop Shop” for the blind in San Antonio.


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