The Epilepsy Foundation South And Central Texas

The Epilepsy Foundation South And Central Texas

About Us

Our values are driven by the conviction of providing comfort and support for those who have nowhere else to turn. The Foundation is motivated by passion for people who are struggling with epilepsy that, to this day, continues to be misunderstood. We strive to help people with epilepsy to not define their lives by their diagnosis, but to lead active productive lives in supportive bully-free communities. The willingness to accept difficult challenges, through commitment to the community it serves, guides the organization’s unique understanding of the needs of individuals with epilepsy and their family.

Since we were founded in 1993, thousands of people with epilepsy and their families have received information, direct assistance, or have directly benefited from comprehensive medical, educational, and social services. Our programs and services include indigent seizure clinics; social case management; information & referral; outreach & support services; individual, community, and professional education; employment preparation services; and summer youth opportunities.

Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas is a non-profit, charitable agency designated as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. As one of 47 Epilepsy Foundation National Organization affiliates, we cover 79 Texas counties encompassing 89,199 square miles. We are the only organization dedicated to the health and welfare of more than 155,000 individuals with epilepsy residing in Central & South Texas.


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