Say Si



About Us

SAY Sí motivates and inspires the creative youth of San Antonio through four onsite multidisciplinary programs:

* VA (Visual Arts): Through project-based learning, visual arts students explore a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation art, and more. Students hone their skills as professional artists by conducting in-depth research before making artwork, writing artist statements, and participating in critiques.
* MAS (Media Arts Studio): A technology-based learning program that provides a hands-on focus in filmmaking, photography and digital design.
* ALAS (Activating Leadership, Art & Service): A performing arts program committed to the creation of new and original performance work by, for, and about San Antonio youth. ALAS challenges students to draw from their own experiences, observations, and insights to produce theatre of relevance to their lives and their communities.
* HIVE (Home for Innovation and Video Ecology): An innovative program exploring digital art, video game design, 3D modeling and creative coding.
* WAM (Working Artists & Mentors Middle School Program): Our middle school program held Saturdays throughout the year that focuses on long-term individual achievement and skills enhancement. Each student chooses two studios to participate in, selecting one upon their entry into the high school program. In addition to classes led by SAY Sí instructors and visiting artists, WAM students receive peer-to-peer mentoring from SAY Sí high school juniors and seniors.
* ABC (Artists Building Communities program)