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About Us

Successful people create successful legacies. The reality is, you’re better at building your legacy than you are at documenting it. My extensive career as a master portrait artist has created the unique skill set required to capture your legacy in a way no other artist can recreate.

I've studied human behavior for decades and find that this has given me a unique perspective when creating fine art portraits. The mechanics of capturing an image are relatively easy if you know what you’re doing. But capturing the soul of a subject is more challenging. I take the raw images from your session and build your persona into a likeness of your choosing that will represent you for generations.

You won’t step into a barrage of flashing lights and hundreds of photographic exposures when you enter my studio. You and your family will appreciate my far more intimate process. I get to know you, your angles, and your emotions so I can capture you. Once I get you in front of my camera, I design and recreate the same lighting scheme as the masters used a century ago, using today’s technology.

I use a view camera similar to the old wooden cameras used 150 years ago. However, I’ve updated the design with state-of-the-art lenses and a one-hundred-and-fifty megapixel sensor instead of traditional film. This level of digitization is the same technology used by NASA satellites to capture breathtaking terrain features from thousands of feet above the earth, and it allows me to get you into—and then out of—my studio as quickly as possible. Once I’ve got the images I need, the real work begins!