Go Public (Bexar County School Boards Coalition)

Go Public (Bexar County School Boards Coalition)


About Us

In 2013, sixteen San Antonio-area Independent School Districts came together and formed Go Public to support their efforts in promoting positive stories about public education. Currently, the San Antonio region is comprised of 19 ISDs. In 2017, the Houston/Gulf Coast region pooled their resources and formed their regional campaign, Go Public Gulf Coast. The benefit to the regional campaigns is a hyperlocal effort that reaches families and the community.

Go Public is a part of the overarching efforts to educate their families about why public education is the right choice for their academic pathway. Together, we share why students who choose public schools are offered opportunities to thrive academically and socially. All students can find the support, direction, and pathway that serves their needs and interests.

Support from local businesses can further the work of educating the community about the value of a public school education. Learn more about sponsorship and donor opportunities below.


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