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Don Pedro Restaurant

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Owned by the Sepulveda family, Ruben Sepulveda Sr. started as a waiter along side his wife, Leticia, head chef in the kitchen, after arriving in San Antonio with their three young sons in 1972 from Monterrey, Mexico. In Monterrey, the couple had owned a 200-cattle dairy farm and had dreams of a better life for their children in the United States. When more than one half of their cattle succumbed to disease, the Sepulveda family decided the time was ripe for the move to the U.S. Just six years later in 1979, the dream of a better life became more of a reality when they became full owners of Don Pedro.

Trained in the kitchen by her mother, a cook extraordinare, Leticia brought many Mexican dishes and recipes from Monterrey for customers to experience including Cabrito and Chile Relleno. Her culinary talents kept customers coming back day after day. Even today, Leticia is often in the kitchen, checking quality and taste and offering more delicious plates such as Asado de Puerco (Pork Stew) and her homemade desserts of pineapple empanadas and flan cake topped with pecans.

With an attention to detail and a belief in providing outstanding customer service, the Sepulveda’s continued to build their restaurant focusing on providing a family-friendly environment where “everybody knows your name”.



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