SoTx Host Port of Corpus Christi & CPS Energy on Podcast Launch

South Texas Business Partnership hosted Omar Garcia (Port of Corpus Christi) & Rudy Garza (CPS Energy) at their luncheon on Thursday, April 28th at Brooks.

SoTx Board Chair Connie Gonzalez (Brooks) facilitated the conversation on how all roads lead south for energy resources in Texas.

Omar Garcia shared a presentation on the exponential growth of economic activity in South Texas as a result of the policy changes that allowed oil and energy production in the Eagle Ford Share to participate in the global market through Corpus Christi. 

Rudy Garza highlighted ongoing efforts to diversify energy sources and noted the need to advance and grow capacity as we continue to see the growth of the region.  

SoTx has relaunched their podcast series, to now be call the South Texas Business Podcast focused on advancing conversations on infrastructure, workforce, and economic development in the region. 

SoTx Podcast available on the following platforms: